Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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Heather from Croatia/The United States
Traveled 5,286 Kms in 15 days

Photo of: Split- Dalmatia, Croatia

Well I was a little undecided about how I was going to label this card. You see, this card is very unique. It was sent by an American living on an American base in Germany-SO, although the card was sent from Germany it was technically sent from an American address- BUT the card itself is from Croatia (where she was visiting on vacation!) Phew! ... so I made an executive decision. The card is from Croatia. :P

Thanks Heather! I love it! AND I love the story behind the card! You just can not make stuff like this up! I am sure you had a lovely time in Croatia! I think it looks so lovely and I would love to see it some day! :) Thanks again!

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  1. lucky you- you don't really get many cards from croatia, do you?! :)))))

    i love the old-fashioned style of the postcard. and the colours!