Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sent by Hessu from Finland

Traveled 5,614 km Kms in 14 days

Photo of: Moomin~ Mama!

Front reads: It's your day to shine!

Awesome Moomin card! Look at her little purse! haha. So great. This card really made my day.
I'm not even sure what it is about Moomin's that play to my immaturity. Maybe it's the vague memories I have
of watching the cartoon when I was very little and living in Germany- Because I have certainly never seen the show here in Canada. Or maybe it is just because they are awesomely adorable. It doesn't really matter- I just think they're great.Oh- I almost forgot- Hessu mailed it with a Moomin stamp! :)


Sent by Crystal from Indiana, USA

Traveled 1,930 km Kms in 14 days

Photo of: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

The World War Memorial Obelisk is located within the central block of the Indiana World War Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

Nice. I really do like cards of statues and the like. I like the old buildings and the new buildings mixed together in this picture- and the lovely blue sky. Makes me wish it wasn't such a dreary day here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sent by Kirstin from Hannover, Germany

Photo of: Hannover, Germany

Another lovely card from my dear friend Kirstin. She tells me that this is a card showing the annual Christmas Market in Hannover. I think it looks just lovely.
I also received a lovely letter from Kirstin a few weeks ago so I must write her back soon!


Sent by my brother in law Mike from Hoyt, New Brunswick

Photo of (top left to right) Cyprus
(bottom left to right) London, England

If you have been following along you may have noticed that I have received (and wrote about) a great number of cards from my brother-in law Mike who had been stationed in Afghanistan. As I had mentioned in my last post about him, he is now home safe and sound and we are all very very glad. With him home I had assumed that I had received the last of my cards from Mike....but with Christmas morning came a surprise under the Christmas tree for me!
A present from Mike just to me! When your married presents just too you become rare....
Inside a little gift bag were four lovely cards! Two from Cyprus and two from London. He had picked them up on his way back home from Afghanistan. He had his debriefing in Cyprus and a stop over in London! I was so excited to get them and so touched that he thought of me.
It was in all honesty one of the best gifts I received this Christmas- on pure thoughtfulness alone.

Here is a photo of Mike and myself on Christmas afternoon in Oakville, New Brunswick.
Thanks Mike!


Sent by my wonderful mother in law- Marilyn from Oakville, New Brunswick (Canada)

Photo of: the Grand Ole Opry house in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Mom went to Nashville on a business a few months ago and brought me back this card from her visit it to the Grand Ole Opry. The circle on the stage is part of the original Opry stage.

She gave it to me when were visiting for Christmas. It turns out that she also used to collect post cards when she was younger, and she showed me a shoe box full of old cards she had collected! They were great! I had a wonderful time looking through them. Some where even addressed to my husband- cards relatives had sent him while on vacations.
I thought it was very nice that we could share our hobby with each other.

125TH CARD ~ New Zealand

Sent by Jayne from Christchurch, New Zealand

Photo of: Sheep mustering in Aoraki, New Zealand

"Mustering sheep by horseback near Aoraki/Mt. Cook; a typical scene in New Zealand's high country"

Yet another lovely card from my dear friend Jayne in New Zealand. She has sent me some of the most beautiful cards in my collection - See them here, here and here.
This card was part of a lovely Christmas package she sent me.


Sent by Laura from Olney, Illinois, USA

Photo of: White Squirrels

"Olney, Illinois, home of the world famous Albino White Squirrels for more than 100 years"

I had no idea that Albino Squirrels existed. Which makes me feel ignorant...nether the less... I do love these cards (no matter how much they make me question my own ignorance) .
They are pretty fricken adorable, and if my cats wouldn't promptly eat one...Id go to Olney and get one, build it a little house and love it forever.

Side note:
Laura emailed me (a complete stranger) and OFFERED to send me these cards! Isn't that the nicest thing ever? I like nice things, I like nice people and I like Albino White Squirrels.

Anyway...Wikipedia calls....


Sent by Amber from
Eatonton, Georgia, USA

Photo of: San Francisco, California, USA

This is such a cool vintage looking post card!
Amber sent this to me as part of a swap package for the "Colour Swap" group- which we are both members of on Ravelry. The package she sent me was beyond gorgeous! We don't know each other ... so I was beyond amazed at how dead on she was with picking out things I liked.