Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sent by my brother in law Mike from Hoyt, New Brunswick

Photo of (top left to right) Cyprus
(bottom left to right) London, England

If you have been following along you may have noticed that I have received (and wrote about) a great number of cards from my brother-in law Mike who had been stationed in Afghanistan. As I had mentioned in my last post about him, he is now home safe and sound and we are all very very glad. With him home I had assumed that I had received the last of my cards from Mike....but with Christmas morning came a surprise under the Christmas tree for me!
A present from Mike just to me! When your married presents just too you become rare....
Inside a little gift bag were four lovely cards! Two from Cyprus and two from London. He had picked them up on his way back home from Afghanistan. He had his debriefing in Cyprus and a stop over in London! I was so excited to get them and so touched that he thought of me.
It was in all honesty one of the best gifts I received this Christmas- on pure thoughtfulness alone.

Here is a photo of Mike and myself on Christmas afternoon in Oakville, New Brunswick.
Thanks Mike!

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