Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Brought home by my friend and co-worker Michelle from her trip to Nicaragua!

Michelle is a brilliant artist you should check her out at

A beautiful card from a beautiful lady! Michelle was sweet enough to bring me home this card to add to my collection. Michelle spent a week in Nicaragua organizing a studio for her newest handbag collection. She is working on establishing a completely fair trade studio in Nicaragua to produce her beautiful bags! Visit her web sit (above) to learn more!

This is my very first card from Nicaragua! As you can imagine I'm pretty excited about it! I love getting a card from a country I don't have any cards from yet. Just fantastic! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011



Sent by Barbara (a Ravelry friend!)  from Australia

Photo of: Art card by Miss Luin  (check her out @  http://missluin.blogspot.com)

Such a pretty card! I love the colour and I love the design.
You should totally check out the artist blog- she has some really interesting photography going on there.



Sent by:  Ginna and Mike (my wonderful sister and brother in-law)
From: CFB Borden, Ontario, Canada

Camp Borden was officially opened in July 1916 by Sir Sam Hughes, who was the the Minister of Militia.

Much to my disappointment Ginna and Mike were posted to Ontario this fall, taking them EVEN farther away from us. We did however, get to see them at Christmas,  which was fantastic!
I suppose I did end up getting this postcard out of the whole thing...and it is a pretty unique postcard (defiantly my first and only card from a Canadian Military base)....though I wouldn't exactly call it a fair trade.  

As always, Bill and I miss you!  And we cant wait to meet our new niece or nephew!xxoo

Another Year

Happy 2011!
Sorry I'm a little late.
Bill and I were away for Christmas and then we went on Vacation to Runaway Bay, Jamaica. We just got home last night. As you can imagine, it has been a hectic (though spectacular) month and a half.

I have made a few resolutions for 2011. One of them is trying to stay a little more on top of my blog.
I have a modest pile of cards to add since November-hopefully between laundry and cleaning the house I will get them posted today.

If there is anyone out there reading this blog- I would love to get some feedback! If you find this interesting at all- if there is something you would like to see-something I could be better at. I honestly would just love to hear from you!

Wishing everyone the very best in 2011 and a special thanks to all the wonderful people who have sent and continue to send me all these lovely cards!