Sunday, February 21, 2010



Sent by  Ange from Lithuania
Traveled  5,980 km

Photo of:  Vilnius, Lituania

I love love love love love it- when I get a card from a country that I have no cards from yet!
I just get so excited!
This is a really pretty  card too! I love the view of the city!



Sent by Nicole  from Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada)
Traveled - not very far at all!

Photo of:  The Regional Assembly of Text

I met Nicole on Ravelry in a forum about postcrossing. When I noticed that she was asking for people interested in post card swaps, I couldn't help but joke that I could send her a card from Halifax! To make a long story short- we both decided that it actually would be hilarious to exchange postcards and actually mail them. Google maps shows that she lives abut an 8 minute walk from me. The postcards took about 3 days to reach each other.

What a great card! 




Sent by  Elisa  from Brazil
Traveled  7,574 km

Photo of:  Rio Grande Do Sul

A very interesting post card from Brazil!
I love the trees.

Thursday, February 18, 2010



Sent by  Lauren  from  Jersey (Channel Islands) British Isle
Traveled  4,579 km

Photo of:  Jersey
Top: Mount Orgueil Castle; St. Brelade's Bay
Bottom: Corbiere Lighthouse; Howard Davis Park

14 Miles from France, Jersey is the largest and most southerly of the Channel Islands possessing great natural beauty and has the highest sunshine record in the British Ilse.

Very neat! I am very excited about this card.
It is always super cool to get a card from somewhere 'new'.
Jersey looks absolutely beautiful , the British Isle is defiantly somewhere I would love to visit.


Today I bought some new post cards to send away.
I have been getting rather tired of the dozen or so designs that are offered for Nova Scotia and Halifax.
I swear I have bought every tourist card they have to offer at least 3 times.
I did have a book of Edward Gorey cards- cards that featured art from his children books...but I am down to only a few of those. 
Something new and exciting is defiantly in order. I spent this afternoon scouring Etsy and Ebay trying to find lots of unused non-country specific postcards...and I have come up with some leads. It would be great if I could get a bunch of art cards for under $20.00.
In the mean time-to tide myself over I bought some very pretty Japanese art cards from a Japanese Import store that just opened literally next door to me.
I also bought some funny little erasers shaped liked things erasers are usually not shaped like.

Anyway- I thought I would share the cards I bought simply because they are lovely and I am excited!



Sent by Kirstin from Hannover, Germany

Photo of: Harz, Germany

Seriously Kirstin you are the best! Another lovely card from my lovely friend.
The best part is that I sent her a card in mail yesterday not knowing I would find this card in my mail box this afternoon!
shhhhhh! She's in for a mail box surprise very soon!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Look

I can't find the "look" I am looking for.
I might just have to cave and get someone to make something for me, since I have little to no skill in web design.
I'm just not happy with how this looks.
Also I spilt something on my keyboard and my shift key is sticking.
I think it's time for bed.

~Should be some new cards soon- I have sent nine cards on postcrossing over the last week-so I should be getting some back any time now~

Sunday, February 7, 2010



Sent by  Wendy  from The Netherlands (Holland)
Traveled  4,957 km km in 26 days

Photo of:  Flag in water

What a pretty card! I just love the "tree" flagpole and the Netherlands Flag looks just beautiful against that grey sky.



Sent by  Hemuli  from Pori, Finland
Traveled 5,555 km in  17 days

Photo of:   Moomin! 

Another wonderful Moomin card!

Thursday, February 4, 2010



 Private Card
Sent by my cousin Colleen in Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

Yes- you are seeing what you think you are seeing.
These are wooden post cards.
Frigging wooden post cards.
To say that these may be the best thing I have ever seen would not be an under statement.

The wood is SUPER thin. It blows my mind that they did not some how crack or spilt in the mail.

The designs are simply great. Colleen knows my tastes perfectly.

She writes;

"I think the hog dog is my favourite because of the cane"

That sentence made my entire day. Seriously.
One of the best things I have ever seen.


Private Card
Sent by my wonderful mother in law Marilyn

Photo of: Colourful fall season in New Brunswick 

A lovely card tucked into a care package- just because!
"Just because" make for the best cards!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sent by Garrett (he lives across the street but bought the card in) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

 Photo of: The Mount Royal Look-Out, Montreal, Quebec
  Colourized Photo by: Belvedere, c. 1907

I think Garrett and Mike may be in compition with each other for the person in my life that supports my post card addiction the most!

Garrett was is Montreal a little while ago and brought me back a couple of cards. Honestly I almst did not post about them, but then as I was flipping through them I started thinking about how special Quebec is to me. Bill asked me to marry him in Quebec City, Quebec while on vacation in 2007. The next day we traveled to Montreal. It was a wonderful trip and I honestly couldnt have asked for a better engagement.
So- Thank you Garrett for supporting my problem and giving me happy memories!

Oh! and it goes without saying- I LOVE this card.
I mean come on.
Look at it.
It's brilliant.


Sent by the lovely Kelly from St.John's, Newfoundland
, Canada

Photo of:
(top photo)
Boat on the water in Trinity, Newfoundland
"Only a few hours from St. Johns, the serene and beautiful town of Trinity is a historic fishing village."

(bottom photo)
Gander, Newfoundland
"Clockwise from top left: Gander International Airport; a Canso Water Bomber, one of the exhibits at the North Atlantic Aviation Museum;a portion of the 22 meter long mural at Gander International Airport; the Silent Witness Memorial commemorates the 256 victims of the 1985 Arrow Air Disaster"

Lovely! My dear friend Kelly sent me these cards. She is living in St. John's now and I had asked if she was ever in the Gander area if she could try and find me a post card from there. I was actually born in Gander.
Anyway- she had to go on quite a car drive, pretty much from one end of the island to the other (Newfoundland is VERY large) and on her travels she picked up like eight cards for me! Too sweet. I am not going to post them all as I may share one or two with some fellow post card collectors.
Anyway - now I am sitting here longing to be on the island with my grandparents and my many aunts, uncles and cousins. Maybe I will be lucky enough to make a trip this summer.
Thank you pretty lady!

Something a Little Different....

So I do not usually include postcards I buy myself...but I can not help myself this time.
My husband and I just got back from Mexico (a few weeks ago) and we had a wonderful time.
As you can imagine I bought many more postcards then the two I am showing here, but I thought these two (though not my favorite) represented the vacation the best. The beach was beautiful and the Pyramid of Kukulcan (one of the Seven Wonder of the (modern) World) was easily one the most amazing things I have ever seen. We had lovely weather the whole week although it was a bit cloudy at times.
It is -14 (Celsius) here in Halifax today, and although that is significantly warmer then yesterday, I can't help but wish I was back on the beach!

(photos from our trip after the jump