Friday, November 20, 2009


Sent by
Catarina from Porto, Portugal
Traveled 4,413 Kms in 30 days

Photo of: Old photo of Porto, Portugal

I really like this card. I love old photographs. Sometimes when I am bored I just browse through old photographs on the internet, I can lose myself for hours this way. I love the view of the city on this card and how it overlooks this amazing river. My favorite part of the photo is of course the woman washing her clothing. I love when a photo captures everyday life.

Catarina assures me that this photo is quite old and people no longer wash there clothing n the river!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sent by
Jinee from Changwon, South Korea
Traveled 11,066 Kms in 15 days

Photo of: Sin Yun-bok (Woman with a Hat)
Joseon Dynasty, Colour on Silk

Yet another first! A beautiful card from south Korea to add to my collection.
As much as I love tourist cards I really do love art cards as well. Especially beautiful art cards like this one. This card is easily one of my favorite ones.


Sent by Ang from Skopje, Macedonia

Photo of: Skopje, Macedonia

The last week has been a "new Country" extravaganza!
Now I am adding Macedonia to my list! A very lovely card indeed.
Such beautiful architecture, and the cross is simply amazing!

Thank you for swapping with me Ang! I am glad that my card made it safely to you and that you liked it! I am so pleased to add your card to my collection as well.


Sent by ???? from the USA

Photo of: Beluga Whale

A mystery card from a secret pal!
I am participating in the Sunshine Swap on Ravelry again. If I did not explain it last time The Sunshine Swap is a swap where within the span of 2 months you must send you assigned partner at least 4 "pieces of sunshine". The only rules are that it must fit into a envelope. You can send cards or a bit of candy...anything really, as long as it is inexpensive and can fit in an envelope. It is rather fun, and quite nice to get mail that isn't junk mail or a bill.

ANYWAY- I think this is a very sweet card. I love the whale and every time I look at it I hear that Raffi song from when I was a kid. So cool!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sent by Kirstin from Germany

Photo of: Bremen, Germany

Can you believe it? Another card from Kirstin! She spent a lovely day in Bremen with her son and thought to pick up a card for me! So sweet.

Kirstin again you made me smile! Thank you dear! I love your cards and I have come to recognize your hand writing right as soon as I see it!

115TH and 116TH CARD ~ CROATIA

Sent by my friend Maja! :) :) :) :)
from Pula, Croatia

Photo of: (both cards) Brijuni National Park in Istra, Croatia

Two beautiful cards that were enclosed in a deliciously long letter from my friend Maja from Pula, Croatia (you can follow the links to see the other cards she has sent me). These two cards are just lovely- especially the top card- those islands look spectacular surrounded by all of the gorgeous blue and indigo water.
Beautiful cards from a beautoful person.

Thank you pretty lady, I loved your letter and these cards were such a treat. :)


Sent by Maja from

Photo of: Banja Luka, Republic Srpska, BiH

ANOTHER "new country".
I am so excited about this card from Bosnia-Herzegovina .
I feel really lucky to have it as it is another example of a card I would never have the chance to have if it was not for the kindness of the sender. It is so rewarding to "meet" people through Post Crossing and to learn about other countries.

Thank you Maja for being kind enough to swap with me. I really do truly appreciate it. I hope you have received my card as well. I wish you all the best and I am sure you will be a wonderful pharmacists!


Sent by Kirstin from Germany

Photo of: Ishernhagen, Germany

Another wonderful card from Kirstin (follow the links to see her other cards!)
Kirstin is so sweet and she spoils me with lovely German cards!

Kirstin you are so lovely and thoughtful. Thank you for this card! I always enjoy your notes so much :)


Sent by Ariffin from Mahooz, Kingdom of Bahrain

Photo of: Bahrain Crafts- left to right: Carvings on a door, the stone mosaic of an old building and pottery

So beyond excited about this card. Defiantly my only card form the Kingdom of Bahrain. This one will defiantly go into my collection of special and/or rare cards. The art and crafts on the card are stunning. Especially the pottery. A truly lovely card.

Thank you Ariffin for agreeing to swap cards with me- I would most likely never be lucky enough to get a card from Bahrain if it was not for your kindness. Thank you again -I hope that the card I have sent you arrived safely and that you will enjoy it half as much as I am enjoying yours!


Sent by
Beth From Utah, USA
Traveled 3,926 Kms in 8 days

Photo of: Canyons of the Wasatch in Utah

What a pretty picture. I always thought that Utah might be an interesting place to visit. One of my dreams has been to drive across the States with my cousin Garrett. I hope that one day I get to do it.

Lovely card Beth- I hope I make it to Utah one day to see these canyons myself! Thank you!


Sent by
Kira from Moscow, Russia
Traveled 6,666 Kms in 29 days

Photo of: Moscow, Russia
Top Photo: Complex in Manege Square
Bottom photo: View of the Kremlin from the Moscow-River

My very first card from Russia! Very exciting.
Judging by the photos Moscow looks very grand and romantic!

Thank you Kira! It is always exciting to get a card from a "new" country!


Sent by Alisa From Finalnd
Traveled 5,766 Kms in 16 days

Photo of : The Villa Gyllenberg Art Museum in Helsinki, Finland

I really do love post cards with museums or art galleries on them (have I mentioned this before?) I am not even sure why? Perhaps it is the grand buildings or maybe simply just the fact that I can look up the museum or gallery on the internet and "virtually" explore. I just love museums period. Always have. I guess I should just go ahead and say it- “I love learning” There I said it. If there was a lame Olympics I would get the gold.

I even fell in love with my husband in a museum.
The natural history museum was featuring an exhibit about the Amazon Rain Forest. He had asked me to go with him, and on a whim I had said yes.

Honestly I wasn't terribly interested in him up until that "date".

He was so shy then but very smart; and at the very least I thought he was a nice guy.

I was 19 and he was 21.
It turned out to be a fairly nice day and we spent most of the afternoon wandering around the different exhibits. Towards the end if the afternoon we were standing in front of a display about lemurs and he was telling me some obscure fact about them ... suddenly something in my brain clicked and it must have shown on my face because I remember him asking me if anything was wrong. “No”, I had told him, “Nothing at all”- but inside my brain was a whirl wind of thoughts. It was in that moment I knew, that one day, I was going to marry him…although at the time I did not truly believe it. I barely knew this man. So at the time I chalked it up to simple foolishness and possibly hunger.

Six years later we were married- and I have honestly never been happier.

Thank you Alisa for the lovely card and the inspired memory. :)


Sent by Mike in Afghanistan

Photo of: Ad card for "Deli Kaf Paris Fashions"

Another card from my lovely brother-in-law! You can follow the links to see all of the cards he sent me while over seas. I actually received this card a few weeks ago- but I have gotten really behind on my updates. Mike is actually officially home in Canada now. He got home last night and we are all so happy to have him safe and sound. I can not wait until Christmas to see him and all of the rest of the family (they live in another province).

I think that this card is really interesting and unique. The back of the card does not give much information so I am assuming it is an ad card for a clothing store some where in Afghanistan. I will have to ask him where he go it when I see him (or I could always just email him...) .
Anyway- it was an interesting final card in the "Mike goes to Afghanistan series" - I plan to put all the cards he sent me away in a special place - so that his future children and nieces/nephews can read them. A little bit of family history.