Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sent by Mike in Afghanistan

Photo of: Ad card for "Deli Kaf Paris Fashions"

Another card from my lovely brother-in-law! You can follow the links to see all of the cards he sent me while over seas. I actually received this card a few weeks ago- but I have gotten really behind on my updates. Mike is actually officially home in Canada now. He got home last night and we are all so happy to have him safe and sound. I can not wait until Christmas to see him and all of the rest of the family (they live in another province).

I think that this card is really interesting and unique. The back of the card does not give much information so I am assuming it is an ad card for a clothing store some where in Afghanistan. I will have to ask him where he go it when I see him (or I could always just email him...) .
Anyway- it was an interesting final card in the "Mike goes to Afghanistan series" - I plan to put all the cards he sent me away in a special place - so that his future children and nieces/nephews can read them. A little bit of family history.

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