Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sent by Garrett (he lives across the street but bought the card in) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

 Photo of: The Mount Royal Look-Out, Montreal, Quebec
  Colourized Photo by: Belvedere, c. 1907

I think Garrett and Mike may be in compition with each other for the person in my life that supports my post card addiction the most!

Garrett was is Montreal a little while ago and brought me back a couple of cards. Honestly I almst did not post about them, but then as I was flipping through them I started thinking about how special Quebec is to me. Bill asked me to marry him in Quebec City, Quebec while on vacation in 2007. The next day we traveled to Montreal. It was a wonderful trip and I honestly couldnt have asked for a better engagement.
So- Thank you Garrett for supporting my problem and giving me happy memories!

Oh! and it goes without saying- I LOVE this card.
I mean come on.
Look at it.
It's brilliant.

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