Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sent by Jayne from Christchurch, New Zealand

Photo of: New Zealand (1930's Screen Print)
My dear friend Jayne sent me two more in a series of postcards I have fallen madly in love with (see the first one she sent me here). I think these cards are fantastic. I seriously plan to frame all three and hang them in my new kitchen...or maybe the hall. They are bigger then regular cards at approximately 5'x7'- so I think they will look rather sharp on display. Although I know this will be opening myself up to be asked by every new person who visits "when I was in New Zealand?..." ...then I'll get that look I get when I try to explain that I not only do I collect postcards, but I keep a blog about them. Oh well. I never once aimed to be 'normal'

~Thanks Jayne! xxoo

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