Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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Kalevi From Finland
Traveled ??Kms (From Cyprus) in 23 days

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This is a intresting card not only because it is a Moomin card but because although the card is from Finland- it was sent FROM Cyprus- so it has Cyprus stamps on it! I love when cards have a story! I was alos sent (by Kalevi) a card from Cyprus! So super thoughtful! I love both cards!

Thank you Kalevi! So thoughtful of you to send me a Moomin card (one of my request!) I think it is so pretty! I love the sparkles on it! This is my first and only Moomin card and I was SO excited when I saw it in my mail box! ALSO the fact that you sent me TWO cards (another from Cyprus on your vacation!) I just thik that was SO SO thoughtful! I hope you will give me your address so I can repay your kindness!

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