Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Catch-Up

So...if anyone out there actually reads this....I am sorry for the hiatus.

December has been insane.
But I am so determined to make sure that I catch up on all my back logged post cards BEFORE the new year.

Christmas has brought a GIANT advance to Posted! We have a scanner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure you can appreciate the significance of this since about 98% of this site relies on post cards being scanned. I guess you may be wondering how I have been scanning all these cards up until this point? ...the answer is ...at work....during my down time...on my crappy scanner that is in my office.
Truthfully it was becoming a little uninspiring to HAVE to work on my site during my lunch break.
Now- thanks to my wonderful husband I can scan in the comfort of my own home whenever I want! I can scan in my underwear if I so desired!
And I may desire just that.

More post cards soon- I promise.

Happy Holidays!

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