Friday, March 26, 2010



Sent by Christine from  Riga, Latvia 

Photo of:

"Art Nouveau style building on Elizabetes Street"

This beautiful card is my very first from Latvia! So excited about that!
Christine was nice enough to send this card to me as a thank you for a card I sent her.
I really do love it.
The building is just beautiful. I love the colour blue against the white stone.
The two faces carved at the top of the building are amazing!
This building is now a World Heritage site!

Kristine included some fun facts about Latvia on the back of the card; 

"We don't have gold and diamond mines, but we have amber and wood literally everywhere"

"The highest point in Latvia is a 312m hill named Gaiziņkalns"

" (the story goes that) The first decorated Christmas tree comes from Latvia- by Martin Luther in 1510"

Such a nice touch!

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