Tuesday, October 13, 2009


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Zephyrego From Hong Kong, China
Traveled 12,590 Kms in 20 days

Photo of: Penguins!

A beautiful card with beautiful stamps!

So, nothing like a bunch penguins on a frozen tundra to remind me that winter is barreling towards us. *sigh* I am SO NOT ready for mittens. Summer was so short this year here in Nova Scotia. I would argue that we really only had a good solid two weeks of "real" summer weather. The rest of the summer was, in my opinion, dreary, wet and dull. Oh well- husband and I did manage to squeeze as much summer fun in as we could.
If nothing else the cold weather at least makes me feel less ridiculous about knitting...which reminds me....I really should finish that blanket.

Thank you so much for this very very pretty card! I also love the stamps!

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