Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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Aurora From Texas, USA
Traveled 3,140 Kms in 19 days

Photo of: "Pegasus" at the Old Red Museum of Dallas Country History and Culture

"This Pegasus was originally built for the 1939 World's Fair in New York City as a symbol of the Magnolia Oil Company, now Exon-Mobil. It was later moved to the Casa Linda Mobil gas station, just east of downtown Dallas, and eventually moved to the Old Red Museum's main entry."

I really do like this card- although I am not going to lie- it took me a minute to see "Pegasus".

This card brought back memories of my grade 12 advanced English class (that's right- advanced). We made a video presentation of some of the Greek Myths. If my memory is correct, it was pretty terrible. We "acted" it out useing Barbie dolls and various other action figures. I believe Darth Vader played Hades. If nothing else it was fun and we did get an "A". I actually REALLY got into Greek Mythology for a little while after that- anyway- that's what this card made me think of... yet another thing to add to my pile of 'lame' interests..I swear it gets longer everyday.

Oh. And this card had Simpson stamps on it.
I am pretty excited about that.

Thanks Auroa! I love the card and the stamps! My first card from Texas I belive!

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