Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Used To Think I Was Pretty Cool....

...and then there was 100 post cards in my collection and I thought self, "that's a lot of post cards". is a lot of post cards....but I have met people with many many many more. People with so many cards that there collection would easily put my measly 100 cards to shame. But I mean...come on...100 cards is a lot especially when you realize I have only been collecting since May 2009.
All in all I'm pretty delighted, though to be honest, I'm a little worried that Ill turn into one of those "crazy collector" people. But then I realize that I have no where near enough spare time for that, and besides, I also have my stamp yeah know...that keeps me pretty bust too...(ahem)....

Well, here they are in all there glory....
YEAH! 100 POST CARDS~~!!!!~~~!!!

Oh...also I gave the blog a slightly new look to celebrate~!
(mostly because I was sick at looking at the old design,,,)

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