Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Another lovely card from  my friend Sarah!
From England

Photo of: Vintage Ad- Schweppes Pin-Up Series (A)
From an original in the Robert Opie Collection at the Museum of Advertising & Packaging, Gloucester.

 We come back from my longer then intended hiatus with this fantastic card from the lovely Sarah (my lovely pen pal in England)! This card is nothing short of spectacular. I love every thing about it. The colour, the beautiful woman, and especially the print!

" A Schweppicure is a kind of epicure who expects the presence of Schewppervescence"


Check out this link the Schweppes website-
It features a lot of the original "Schweppes Pin-Up Girl" art work!
I am in love! 

Thanks Sarah- you always send me some of the most interesting cards!

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