Friday, November 5, 2010


Private Card 

my Friend Gilles!!!
sent while on vacation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Photo of: Tiger from the Calgary Zoo (Alberta, Canada)

"The Calgary Zoo's tiger habitat is home to four Siberian (Amur) Tigers: Kita, Katja, Vitali and Baikal.  The Amur tiger is the largest in the world. They are an endangered species, with only an estimated 450 left in the world"

This was actually the very first piece of mail I got at my new apartment (we moved in September).

At that time Gilles was away on a trip to Calgary- though, I think he went just to get out of helping us move! 
Lucky Gilles got to go to  Calgary Zoo  and while he was there he bought me this fantastic card! Unfortunately he didn't actually get to see the tigers as they were not out when he was there. 

I was so happy he thought of me and I was thrilled to get mail so soon at my new home! 

Thanks Gilles!

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