Friday, May 15, 2009


Sent by Maja
from Pula, Croatia

Photo of:
Istra (Umag, Porec, Vrsar, Rovinj and Pula)

Thank you Maja! I love it! You are so kind that this card made my day the second I saw who it was from! Love love love- that I can see your building (you live in) in the photo behind that beautiful Colosseum! Thank you pretty lady!

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  1. :))) You're welcome, pretty lady! :)))

    Hey, I love this postacard-blog idea!
    As for the Amphitheatre- it is the sixth largest surviving Roman amphitheatre and the only one with all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved. It's also one of the only three Roman amphitheatres that is still entirely functional (Rome, Verona, Pula). (there is another small roman theathre, similar to those that can be found in Greece, on one of the town hills- Pula was built on 7 hills like Rome - but that one has been a theatre ever ince its construction, Arena was built as a place for gladiator games).
    Just like "Veronese" people, we usually call it Arena. And just like them- we think our Arena looks better. :D

    (I've found a cool postcard in one of my drawers- I think you'll like that one! :) )