Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sent by Rafal from Berlin, Germany
Traveled 5,469 Kms in 7 days

Photo of:
Die Miseumsinsel, Bodemuseum Berlin, Germany
(The Museum Island, Bodemuseum)

Located on the northern end of "Museum Island" in the heart of Berlin, the Bode Museum is known for being rich in medieval art. Founded in 1904, the Bode Museum reopened in 2006 after extensive renovations. It contains a wealth of art and artifacts from the Byzantine and Medieval periods, primarily from Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France and Spain.

~ My very first card and such a pretty one at that. I love museums and I have always wished that there were more around here that I could go visit. Whenever I travel I also research to see what (if any) museums will be at my destination. I love art and looking a the bits and pieces left from our past. If I ever make it back to Berlin, I know that the Bode Museum will be very high on my agenda!

Thank you Rafal for this great card! This card will officially be my "First Card" in my collection! I love picture of museums and landmarks so this was a great choice! Thank you again!

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